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Cool Tone Summer & Winter Colors

Elizabeth here and 'Sleeping Beauty' are fair skinned dark haired Winters. Winters often have almond shaped eyes, hazel, brown or charcol-black eyes (sometimes clear blue eyes like Elizabeth) with high sheekbones & slightly sallow skin like Sela Ward, Jada Pinket Smith, Christie Yamaguchi.

Winters need blue based colors like Ocean Blue & Cobalt Blue.

Strong/Cold/Blued Colors/Winter Icy Pastels: natural winter blush is blued-pink/ cool mauve/ pastel mauve/ purplish /violet or cranberry

Winters look great in pure black & white & shiny silver High contrast blue based colors like Royal blue, rich Amethyst, intense Fuchsia, inky navy, blue blood red, cranberry, mauve, silver gray, deep emerald, deep shappire, stone, idigo, diamonds & white pearls


COOL SUMMER - Soft, Languid, Summer Skies, Watery Blues and Cool Pastels. Summers need blue or lavender based colors like bably blue, lavender, mint and misty blues.

Natural blush is pastel pink, mauve, raspberry or soft roses

You look best in lower contrast powdered and grayed colors like:

Soft Gray, lilac, rose pink, soft watermelon, off white, raspberry, soft magenta, blue-green, soft navy, denim blue, blueberry, coco brown, charcoal gray (instead of black) stone, brushed silver, platinum or white gold, brushed silver, platinum & white gold, aquamarine, moonstone, amethyst, creamy pink pearls & fresh water pearls