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Aura Skincare and Make-up products are Cruelty-free, No animal testing, Made in U.S.A. Natural ingredients are used where possible along with powerful anti-oxidants, stabilized vitamins and natural plant extracts with no harsh chemicals.

Mineral and traditional make-up colors are divided into warm and cool based colors using the famous 4-Seasons color analysis system. Linda Rocheleau, owner/distributor is also a professional color analyst/make-up artist since '84.

USPS Priority mail is standard. First class option is available for pencils, testers and sturdy flat items. USPS Priority is automatic above 12 ounces total wt. This store has 256-bit secure encryption built into the checkout process. this store is eligible for the Secure Checkout award. (now if I could figure out how to get the award visible)

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